The Owl House returns with its third and final season on Disney this October (2023)

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The Owl House season 3 release date and time have just been confirmed, but there is a catch that fans of the series will be devastated about.

The second season of Disney’s hit animated series, The Owl House, came to an end back on May 28th 2022, after the show made its long-awaited return in the summer of last year. Almost immediately after the credits rolled, fans around the world started looking ahead to what the future holds for this socially important and relevant show.

Well, there is both good and bad news concerning season 3 of The Owl House; on the one hand, the release date and time have just been confirmed, but sadly it will also be the final instalment in the series and will not be a full-length season.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Owl House season 3’s problems, why the show was axed and most importantly, what date and time it is now set to release on Disney.


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Official trailer (full promo) for #TheOwlHouse: THANKS TO THEM.

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The Owl House season 3 release date and time confirmed, but there’s a catch

It has been officially confirmed that season 3 episode 1 of The Owl House would release on Saturday, October 15th at 9 PM ET/PT on Disney Channel and Disney XD – that’s 2 AM BST/3 AM CEST and 9 AM PHT on October 16th for international fans outside the US.

Per the exclusive report by TV Guide, “The first 44-minute special, titled “Thanks to Them,” will pick up right whereThe Owl HouseSeason 2 finale left off, with Luz and her friends stuck in the human realm — and willing to do whatever it takes to return to the demon realm to save the Boiling Isles from Emperor Belos and the Collector.”

Two short clips from the episode have now been shared by the Disney Channel YouTube page, see below. Interestingly, the two clips tease that a timeskip is coming up for The Owl House as each of the characters has slightly longer hair than when we last saw them in the season 2 finale.

A release date for The Owl House season 3 episodes 2 and episode 3 has not yet been revealed, but both are set to premiere in 2023 – you can find more information here.

(Video) "Thanks to Them" Intro | Season 3 Episode 1 | The Owl House | @disneychannel

The Owl House is that season 3 was ordered by Disney all the way back in May 2021, before the second season even premiered.

“Dana and her team have created a series that continues to push the envelope with epic and diverse storylines, an astounding world and multifaceted characters that have captivated our audience. We’re eager to showcase more adventures in seasons two and three.” – Meredith Roberts, via Deadline.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that season 3 of The Owl House will be the final instalment in the series after it was cancelled by Disney and will also not be a normal 19–21-episode season, instead of being “comprised of three 44-minute specials.”

Responding to a fan on Twitter on whether season 3 would be the last, creator Dana Terrace said in a now-deleted tweet via Popculture, “Unfortunately, yes. But we’re excited for what we have planned.”

“I had the very rare privilege of watching the show from its inception, from when Dana put together the series bible to now. It’s rare and rewarding to be part of something so loved. I never had to cry onGravity Falls, King goes through some rough stuff.The Owl Housetaught me to cry on command.” – Alex Hirsch, via Polygon.

Fans of The Owl House are now left in this uncomfortable situation where we are happy for the new specials but simultaneously extremely frustrated at this being the final adventure, so why was The Owl House axed?


Why was The Owl House cancelled with a shortened season 3?

Speaking on a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Terrace would go into more detail about why she thought The Owl House had got the axe from Disney. The first point of call was to address whether the series had been cancelled because of LGBTQ+ representation.

Terrace said that “While we have had issues airing in a few countries (and are just straight up banned in a few more) I’m not gonna assume bad faith against the people I work with in LA.”

(Video) The Owl House Season 3 Premiere Sets Disney+ Release Date

Budget and pandemic-related production were also not the reasons for the cancellation, with Terrace noting how she “wasn’t even allowed to present my case.”

“They just wanted to be done with TOH and this was the perfect chance to do that. Even getting the consolation s3 episodes was difficult, apparently. Hard to say, I wasn’t allowed to be a part of any conversations until I was just… Told.” – Dana Terrace, via Reddit.

The creator would then add how both the budget and ratings at the time of this decision were good enough to merit a full-length third season…So what was the real reason? According to Terrace, branding.

“At the end of the day, there are a few business people who oversee what fits into the Disney brand and one day one of those guys decided TOH didn’t fit that “brand”. The story is serialized (BARELY compared to any average anime lmao), our audience skews older, and that just didn’t fit this one guy’s tastes. That’s it! Ain’t that wild? Really grinds my guts, boils my brain, kicks my shins, all the things. It sucks but it is what it is.” – Dana Terrace, via Reddit.


Can you get involved to help The Owl House?

As noted by Terrace in a now-deleted tweet, the best thing that fans can do is tell Disney directly that they want more content from The Owl House season 3.

“This has been said by many creators before but the idea’s still the same. If you want moreOwl Houselet Disney know! Watch it on Disney+! Send physical letters bc they still read those for some reason! Have your own House Demon? Make them stare uncomfortably at ppl having lunch!” – Dana Terrace, via Popculture.

However, fans have also taken matters into their own hands and started countless petitions calling for Disney to continue production on The Owl House. At the time of writing, the most popular petition had over 168,000 signatures and is only a few members short of reaching its goal of 200,000.

The petition explains how Disney doesn’t “appear to read DMs and emails, presumably due to 1) the sheer number they receive, and 2) the fact that people mailing letters are statistically over 18 and therefore able to earn and spend money (like on, say, cable subscriptions or merch).” Subsequently, they emphasise the importance of sending physical letters by ‘snail mail’

(Video) The Owl House But The Animators Get Paid Their $1.97 Raise.

“What message is it that we want to be putting out? Personally, I know I want to watch inclusive TV shows with positive representation of different races, sexualities, body sizes, and economic status. I want to see weirdness and imperfections celebrated, not shamed. The Owl House provides just this – so let’s see it continue!” – Petition.

By Tom Llewellyn – [emailprotected]

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