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How to make a latte at home. Make French Press Espresso. While the ground coffee beans are steeping, heat the milk over medium heat until it is hot but not boiling. Use a milk frother and froth the milk until it is shiny. Pour 1-2 shots of espresso into a mug along with any flavored syrup or simple syrup.

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French Onion Tart. Cut this tart into small squares for a two-bite appetizer (and consider pairing it with a Valentine's Day cocktail) or serve larger slices alongside a green salad for dinner.

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2. Pink Velvet Latte: Dunkin Inspired. The Pink Velvet Latte is a seasonal coffee drink from Dunkin Donuts. Along with the Pink Velvet Macchiato, these two coffee drinks are pink - perfect for Valentine's Day. This is made with Dunkin's espresso with red velvet cake flavor and topped with whipped cream, mocha drizzle and a hot chocolate.

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directions. Add the creme de cacao, creme de menthe and amaretto to a preheated coffee glass. Slowly add the steamed milk and then the espresso to the glass. Top the drink with milk foam and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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Jenn, AKA "The Rebel Chick," is a 40-something Gen Xer who strives to help her readers live their best lives possible with easy recipes, travel inspiration and lifestyle tips! 43 Delicious Valentine's Day Recipes has everything from cocktails to no bake cookies to cake mix cookies to red velvet desserts and more!

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Make Valentine's Day special! 14 Valentine's Day latte ideas for cozy coffee dates. Find the perfect love potion recipe inside!

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Begin by frothing 1/2 cup of desired milk and set aside while you prepare the espresso. 6. Scoop 1 tbsp of dulce de leche into espresso cup. Brew espresso into the cup with the dulce de leche. Stir the dulce de leche mixture and espresso thoroughly until completely smooth.

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Steam together milk and Torani. Pour into a tall glass and add brewed espresso*. Spoon a thin layer of foamed milk over beverage. *Can substitute 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee.

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Pour ingredients into serving glass in order listed. Use spoon to top beverage with milk foam. Add garnish and serve. Create this delicious Sinful Valentine Latte recipe in minutes using Monin Gourmet Syrup. Add a splash of Monin to coffee, cocktails, teas, lemonades and more.

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9. Tiramisu Latte - Brew an espresso shot and add steamed milk (or oat milk), cocoa powder, and a pump of vanilla syrup. Top off the latte with some freshly grated nutmeg or cinnamon and a layer of whipped cream as a nice finishing touch. 10. Coconut Cacao Latte - Start with an espresso shot and add steamed coconut milk, a pump of white chocolate syrup, and some cocoa powder for extra flavor.

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Make some hot foam and pour into a bowl. For extra spicy taste, pour the foam into a bowl and mix in some cinnamon. Pour the brewed tea in a larger cup. Add 1/3 cup of French Deluxe™ Vanilla Powder, and mix with a handheld frother. Pour the cinnamon infused froth on top of the tea. Sprinkle on some extra cinnamon and drop an anise star on top.

Valentine Latte Art ⋆ Sprinkle Some Fun

Prep Time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 10 minutes Yields 2 Servings Ingredients 1 cup water 3 tbsp Always Nuts 2 cups milk of choice 2 - 4 tsp sweetener of choice (optional)

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Coffee lovers around the world have the best opportunity to celebrate one of the most romantic days in the whole year with many enchanting Valentine's Day latte recipes. Lucky for them, there is a whole wide range of add-ons they can include in their coffee drinks to make them special, romantic, and truly flavorful.

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In your mug, add the coffee, maple syrup, vanilla extract and cinnamon. Let the hot espresso dissolve the ingredients. Heat up your milk on the stove and remove right before it starts boiling. Cook for about 4-6 minutes on medium-high heat. Pour your milk in a milk frother and froth until you have thick foam.

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Make their daily brew in a cute Valentines Day mug. Make some coffee truffles to enjoy with their coffee. Use a heart shaped coffee stencil to decorate their latte coffee. Make a coffee charcuterie board with fun coffee toppings, decorations and maybe even a side of these delicious coffee waffles.

Valentine's Day Recipe Raspberry Mocha Latte Ember®

First, whisk your egg into the mug with a fork. When the yolk is broken, add milk, salt, espresso (or instant coffee), sugar, cocoa powder, and the vegetable oil and mix everything well. After everything is mixed, add your 3 tbsp. of nutella. Mix it in well, as the nutella is pretty thick.