Trader Joe's Wine! 2024 Guide To The Best Wines at Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's® is renowned for their selection of cheap, private label wines. Unfortunately, some of it is just plain bad.

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Another gem of a blend, this wine comes from the Veneto region! This delicious bottle consists of 40% Merlot, 30% Corvina, 20% Cabernet, and 10% Croatina. Corvina is one of the 3 varietal I mentioned previously from Amarone. Croatina is a grape varietal that is similar in flavor to Montepulciano and Dolcetto.

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5. Kono Sauvignon Blanc, $8.99 for 750 mL. If there's one wine shelf you can often find me near, it's the one that houses all the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. They're world famous for a reason, with bright, zippy, herby-mineral flavors that instantly make me feel like I've been teleported to the seaside.

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35% Shiraz, 23% Merlot, 15% Frappato, 10% Nerello Mascalese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Sangiovese and 2% Pinot Noir from Sicily, Italy.. This wine is available exclusively at Trader Joe's in the US and sells for $5.99. It is imported by 8 Vini, Inc. From the bottle: This unique Sicilian wine is made from 7 grape varietals that are slightly dried, hence the name 7 Sicilians.

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Raeburn Russian River Valley Chardonnay - Russian River Valley, California ($15.99) Raeburn Chardonnay on Vivino. While this Chardonnay is sold at other retailers, Trader Joe's has one of the best prices on Raeburn around. It deftly balances creamy, oaky aromatics with bright natural acidity. Drinkers love that the wine is rich without.


Trader Joe's Chardonnay Coastal. There is no oak in this wine. Instead, it has gone through a process called malolactic conversion in which the harshness of a wine is naturally softened. The.

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Ariel asked me to pick out a few budget-friendly wines from Trader Joe's for her Friday Board Game Night Gathering, where she planned on serving easy, make-ahead Italian food. I was excited for an excuse to visit Denver's newly opened Trader Joe's for the first time. Rumors of lines that wrapped around the building and parking up to three blocks away had kept me from venturing into the.

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Evan Hufford, sommelier at Maison Wine Bar in Healdsburg, California, says Trader Joe's has some of the best "pizza wines," like the 2015 Pasqua Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore. He describes these wines as affordable Italian reds with pizza herb flavors of oregano, thyme, and basil. "These are reds made in northern Italy, fermented on.

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This $3.99 everyday wine is reliable and a great value - soft with notes of ripe red fruit and hints of tobacco. Red. Spanish wine, tempranillo. 2019 Laurent Dublanc Cotes-du-Rhone. Let this Rhone Valley open up for dark red fruits and subtle spices that is well balanced and an easy to drink full bodied red.


7 Trader Joe's Wines Worth Buying, According to Wine Experts. And they're all under $22! Trader Joe's is a source of endless treasures, tempting bargains, and hosting essentials. And when it comes to the wine selection, well, we're all besties with Two Buck Chuck.

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15. Tuatea, Sauvignon Blanc, 2022. Nothing is more thirst-quenching on a hot day than an aromatic, citrus-forward, chilled glass of white wine, especially for a bargain price. Trader Joe's.

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When it comes time to pour myself a glass, there's only one bottle of wine I reach for, though: Epicuro Primitivo, an Italian red blend from Trader Joe's that costs just $5.99. Trader Joe's might be known for their "Two-Buck Chuck," but their dedicated wine shop (or aisle, if you're lucky enough to have it in the same store as the.

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Blue Fin Chardonnay & Pinot Noir. Another Trader Joe's exclusive, these are fine table wines for only $3.99 a bottle. The chardonnay has flavors of fig, tropical fruit, and spice, with just a hint.

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Sauvignon de Seguin Bordeaux White, a distinguished member of Trader Joe's wine selection, combines the best of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes. This white wine exudes vibrant aromas of citrus, tropical fruits, and delicate floral notes. The Sauvignon Blanc contributes zesty acidity and bright fruit flavors, while the Semillon adds body.

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Price: $22.10. Location: Portugal. ABV: 13%. If you've never tried an orange wine before, this is a great one. ICYMI, orange wine actually has no oranges in it at all—it's made from regular.

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Two Great Italian Wine Values from Trader Joe's and Costco - Both Under $10. 2013 Poggio al Casone, Toscana, Italy ($9.99 @Trader Joe's in California) N.V. Castello del Poggio Moscato, Veneto, Italy ($7.99 @Costco in California - Item #450887) Both of our featured wines this week hail from Italy. Although, as the private jet flies, the.