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1. Printable quinceañera checklist. Print and pin our free printable quinceañera checklist. 2. Quinceañera checklist template google doc. Make a copy of this quinceañera planning checklist google doc for easy access from any device and planning on the go. File includes a party checklist, budget worksheet, guest list manager, and supplier.

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Choose a sweet 16 theme/concept and color scheme. Research and book a venue. Research and hire a photographer. Research and hire a videographer. 3 - 4 m ont hs b e fore. Research food and beverages ideas. Hire a caterer (if required) Research DJs, musicians and entertainment. Start collecting guest list information. Send save the date

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Stay organized using our freely Sweet 16 host planning checklist and timeframe — downloadable. Planning a sweet 16 birthday party shouldn breathe amusing! Stay organized with magnitude free Sweet 16 party planning checklist and schedule — downloadable.

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Details for Sweet 16 Checklist. 1. Send invitations: Make sure to send out invitations to guests well in advance so they can mark their calendars and make arrangements to attend. Be sure to include the date, time, and location of the party on the invitations, as well as any special instructions such as dress code or RSVP information. 2.

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A planning a Sweet 16 checklist is an essential tool for any parent or teen planning a special event. It helps keep track of all the details that need to be addressed and ensures that everything is taken care of in a timely manner. The checklist includes tasks such as selecting a venue, setting a date, creating a budget, choosing a theme.

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Determine number of guests to invite. Select caterer. Order water bottles (or labels) with your Sweet 16 photo on them. Buy paper plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, etc. Buy decorations. Order beverages. Mail invitations 4 weeks before the party. Buy party favors for your Sweet 16 guests. Finish scrapbook or board.

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The guest list is one of the most important aspects of the Sweet 16 party, and careful consideration should be taken to make sure all the right people get an invite to the party. If your venue isn't large enough to accommodate the entire guest list, sit down with the birthday girl to help her separate the "best friends" (those who MUST.

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Would you like the song "16 Candles" played after the candle lighting ceremony? (Yes No) If not, please write down your song choice_____. Lil Wayne The Sweet Escape Gwen Stefani & Akon Do you Believe in Magic The Lovin' Spoonful The Way you Move Outkast Empire State of Mind Jay-Z & Alicia keys Umbrella Rihanna

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Title: sweet16-planning-checklist Author: Amy Bilsky Created Date: 9/15/2008 4:04:38 PM

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When you think of planning a Sweet 16 DJ Party, it is hard to know where (and when) to begin. Most people find that using a detailed checklist helps reduce stress and ensure that the party is fun for all. Below is a checklist for you to use when planning your Sweet 16 event. If you have a simpler event, just cross things off the list!

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THE FOLLOWING IS A USEFUL CHECKLIST FOR PLANNING A SWEET 16 PARTY THAT YOUR TEENAGER WON'T FIND TOTALLY LAME. Pick A Venue. Before you have a party, you need a place that can host a party. Whichever venue you choose, it should able to accommodate guests comfortably, offer competitive pricing, boast an attentive staff, and be open to the.


Page of 1. FREE Kiss the Hottie Game. FREE Sweet 16 Party Checklist. FREE Yummy Mocktail Recipes. FREE Sweet 16 Songs Playlist. FREE Sweet 16 Birthday Girl Quiz. FREE Sweet 16 Mad Libs Style. FREE Sweet 16 Hashtag Printable.

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Candle Lighting Ceremony: Yes_____ No____ (Please Note that all Song Selections must include the Artist!) CANDLE SONG ARTIST WHO 1): _____ _____ _____ 2

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Order water bottles (or labels) with your Sweet 16 photo on them. Buy paper plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, etc. Buy decorations. Order beverages. Mail invitations 4 weeks before the party. Buy party favors for your Sweet 16 guests. Finish scrapbook or board. The Week of the Party. Pick up food & beverages.

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The usual number of candles is 17 (16 candles, one for good luck). Try to group relatives and friends together to keep the amount of candles to 17 as best as possible. You will also need to choose music to be played during the candle lighting. You may want to match a specific song to each person or group of people lighting the candle.

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Checklist for your Sweet 16 Event: 1. Determine number of guests to invite 2. Choose a theme & Call DJ Tom Foster @ Spinner Productions, 518-843-2765 3. Choose a party location (home, banquet hall, etc.). For your FREE Sweet 16 Birthday Consultation 518-843-2765 www.1dj4u.com .