10 Most Popular Potluck Theme Ideas For Work 2021

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Obi-wan Kababs. Celebrate May the 4th with Star Wars food like these fruit kababs and call them Obi-wan Kabab-is! Prep Time 20 mins. Total Time 20 mins. Course: Appetizer. Cuisine: American. Keyword: may the 4th food ideas, star wars day recipes, star wars food. Servings: 6 servings.

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Try your hand at decorating R2-D2, Death Star, and Chewbacca-inspired macarons using a basic macaron recipe and royal icing. 11. DIY Light Sabers. Lightsabers are a must at any Star Wars party. The good news is you can DIY your own using dollar store pool noodles, duct tape, and electrical tape, it's that easy. 12.

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2. Baby Yoda Cookies (Blue Space Cookies - Macarons) Crispy outside, chewy inside, and yummy all the way through. That's the best way to describe these lovely blue macarons. They're rich, brightly colored, and just plain fun. They're also a sweet treat you could use for multiple occasions. 3. Star Wars R2D2 Treats.

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STAR WARS FOOD IDEAS: SIDE DISHES 7 Leia Dip. Everyone loves this easy 7-layer chip dip. You can make it advance and pull it from the fridge when you're ready to party--it's a perfect Star Wars appetizers! Trooper Scoopers. You'll need some chips for that dip, so grab a bag of Scoops Tortilla chips for Trooper Scoopers!

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Star Wars Party Ideas. We came up with these original ideas back in 2011-2012 for my boys birthday parties and they have since been recreated by countless others. We also came up with lots of our fun Star Wars food ideas to help my boys try new and healthy foods since they were such picky eaters.

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Yoda and Chewie Star Wars Cupcakes. Savory Experiments has all the directions and supplies you'll need! Star Wars Wookie Cookies. Life Anchored. Star Wars Storm Trooper Cupcakes. All you need is some food coloring markers and you've got yourself a quick and fun Star Wars treat! See all the deets over at A Few Shortcuts! Star Wars.

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Pepperoni slices cut into Resistance and First Order insignias are what makes this recipe stand out in your May 4 party. You can make your family members choose their allegiance with their picks of solo pizzas, and have a fun debacle all day long for which team is better. 10. Crunchy Chewbacca Hot Dogs.

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The party will have something for everyone, whether sweet flavors like chocolate or strawberry or savory ones like ham and cheese. 2. Chewbacca Bites. Chewbacca Bites - Image by Momtastic. If you're a fan of star wars and a lover of all things sweet, you need to try these Chewbacca Bites!

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If you're still looking for some delicious Star Wars food ideas, then check out these best foods from Galaxy's Edge at Disney World and Disneyland and see if you can replicate them!. Complete a Star Wars Scavenger Hunt. This fun Star Wars Scavenger Hunt from Play Party plan is great for kids on May the 4th. Even Star Wars loving adults will get a kick out of it.

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Fantastic Wookie gingerbread cookies at Sugared Nerd. Beautiful Star Wars macarons at Semi-Sweet Designs. Star Wars landscape cookies at the decorated cookie. Maz Kanata apricots at Star Wars. Great Admiral Ackbar cupcake s at Just Jenn. Star Wars s'mores at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

10 Most Popular Potluck Theme Ideas For Work 2021

25 Star Wars food ideas. 1. Baby Yoda sandwich. 2. Bantha cocoa. Blue bantha milk is all well and good, but bantha cocoa is even better. This recipe is made with white chocolate to make the colour really bright. Get the recipe: Totally The Bomb. 3.

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Star Wars Food. The Star Wars food was our most time-consuming project, but also the most fun. My sister and I made three different star wars themed cake pops, Pretzel Light Sabers, Tie Fighter treats, Wookie Cookies, and a cake.We also had some simpler food items with labels to keep them on-theme, like Jabba the Hutt pizza, Obie Wan Kabob-ies, Yoda Soda, and Boba-Que Chips.

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So let's look at 20 of the best ways to pay homage to Star Wars at your party, with food. May the fork be with you! 1. Sarlacc Bundt Cake. A classic! Where Boba Fett infamously met his demise, the Sarlacc Pit. This bundt cake is one of the easiest and most creative ways to celebrate the more classic Star Wars films, especially for those first.

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Nov 13, 2022 - Explore Mieka Birkland's board "starwars potluck", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about star wars party, star wars food, star wars birthday party.

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Star Wars Party Food - Side Dishes: Obi-wan Kabob-I's - Fruit Kabobs. The Force Fruit - Fruit Tray or Bowl w/ Fruit Dip. Vader Veggies - Veggie Tray. Dark Side Chips - Purple Chips (like Terra Blues) Falcon Ship Dip - Veggie Dip. 7 Leia Dip - 7 Layer Dip.

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Published on June 10, 2014 in Movies, Parties, Sci Fi, Space, Star Wars I've gotten really into potlucks lately. It gives you a great opportunity for a get-together without putting the burden of the entire party on one person.