Easy Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float Play Party Plan

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This Shirley Temple float is loaded with sweet, fizzy goodness with a touch of decadent creaminess. Plus, you can make this ice cream float a little boozy! Just add 1 cup of amaretto liqueur and a shot of vodka. Go to Recipe. 5. Creamsicle Float. The creamsicle float is the perfect treat!

Shirley Temple Float Sugar & Soul

Pour grenadine slowly down the side of the glass, so it slides to the bottom. 3. Carefully spoon ice cream on top of orange juice and grenadine. 4. Fill the remainder of the glass with lemon-lime soda. 5. Garnish with cherries. Serve immediately with a milkshake spoon and straw.

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Add ice. Fill a tall glass to the top with ice cubes. 2. Pour in grenadine. First, pour the grenadine over the ice. 3. Add ginger ale. Next, top off the glass with a chilled ginger ale or lemon-lime soda. 4.

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Add several teaspoons of the juice from the maraschino cherry jar. (I usually add 4 teaspoons for our kid sized Shirley temple floats) Slowly fill cup with soda (be careful as it will bubble and spill!) Stir gently. Add whipped cream to top of cup. Place conversation hearts and a cherry on top of whipped cream.

Shirley Temple Float Sugar & Soul

Preparation. In a small pitcher, add the lemon-lime soda and grenadine syrup to make the Shirley Temple. Stir together and set aside for a moment. In each serving glass or mason jar, add 2 scoops of ice cream. Pour the Shirley Temple over the ice cream and top with whipped cream and a cherry. Serve right away.

Shirley Temple Float with vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top

This yummy float would be great with ice cream, or just make it as written for a delightful fancy drink that is yummy for anyone. I can totally picture enjoying this pool side with a good book and a floppy hat. I'm so there. Very Cherry Shirley Temple Float Recipe. You will need: 6 - 8 oz Cherry 7-Up 6 Maraschino Cherries

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Instructions. Wet glass and put in freezer to chill, about 10โˆ’15 minutes. Pour a generous splash of grenadine in glass then add 1โˆ’2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Fill remainder of glass with lemon-lime soda and top with a Maraschino cherry. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Instructions. Combine lemon-lime soda and grenadine together in a large pitcher. 3 1/2 cups lemon-lime soda, 2 TBS grenadine. Add two scoops of ice cream to the glass of your choice. Top with soda mixture. 6-8 scoops vanilla ice cream. Garnish with cherries and lime slices and serve immediately.

Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float

The Shirley Temple mocktail was named after the famous child star Shirley Temple. The drink was first created in the 1930s, and it quickly became a popular choice for children and adults alike.. Shirley Temple Float - Omit the ice, and before garnishing with the cherry, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Then top with the.

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The foundation of a Shirley Temple is grenadine syrup. Grenadine is traditionally made from pomegranate. In fact, the name grenadine, comes from the French word, "grenade" which means pomegranate.. Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float. Serves 2-4, depending on the size of your glass! 2 cups/17 fl oz/500 ml Lemon/Lime Soda (Lemonade.

Shirley Temple Float with vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top

Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float Recipe - Try some fun ice cream float ideas for a sweet Valentine's Day dessert. This ice cream float with sprite is so delici.

Shirley Temple Float Sugar and Soul

Shirley Temple Floats are an indulgent remake of the classic mocktail.Start with my bright Maraschino Cherry Ice Cream, top it with Sprite, and you have a delicious dessert drink, perfect for the holidays! This pretty, pink after-dinner drink would be excellent for Valentine's Day as well - just swap out the candy cane garnish for a heart-shaped cocktail stirrer.

Shirley Temple Float Sugar & Soul

Shirley Temple Float. Your favorite childhood cocktail โ€” the Shirley Temple โ€” is now a delicious cherry-filled ice cream float. Updated: 10/9/2023. Print. Save. Share. Prep Time: 20 min. Cook Time: 9 hr 20 min. Servings: 2 Scale. Average. Units : Imperial Imperial. Metric Metric. Nutrition Information.

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Add vanilla ice cream to a soda glass and pour in the grenadine syrup. 1 ounce grenadine syrup, 2 scoops vanilla ice cream. Hold the glass at a slight angle while you pour in the lemon-lime soda, not letting it foam over the edge of the glass. 6 ounces lemon-lime soda. Top with a maraschino cherry.

Easy Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float Play Party Plan

Instructions. In a pitcher, stir together the lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, and grenadine. Divide the scoops of ice cream between 2 fountain glasses. Top each with the Shirley Temple mixture. Add 1 or 2 maraschino cherries and a lime slice, for garnish.

Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float

A classic Shirley Temple is just equal parts lemon lime and gingerale sodas, with a splash of grenadine syrup, and a maraschino cherry for garnish. Pin It! It's simple, refreshing, and pretty, too, just as it is. Oh sure, you can add various types of liquor to it to make a more adult version of this childhood favorite, but the add-in I love.