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RumChata is a blend of Caribbean rum, real dairy cream, cinnamon and vanilla. Made in Wisconsin, it first appeared in 2009 and quickly gained popularity. The beverage is inspired by horchata, a.

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Rum Chata is a creamy and delicious liqueur that combines the flavors of Rum and Horchata, a traditional Hispanic drink. With its smooth and sweet taste, Rum Chata is perfect for sipping on its own, adding to cocktails, or even using it in desserts.

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RumChata is a cream liqueur with Caribbean rum, cream, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Released in 2009, it's similar to Baileys Irish Cream , but Baileys is made in Ireland with Irish whiskey. RumChata was inspired by the Mexican and Spanish drink horchata, a creamy drink made with soaked rice or almonds and cinnamon that resembles milk.

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RumChata combines premium Caribbean rum, real dairy cream, and cinnamon and vanilla flavors. Inspired by traditional horchata flavors, RumChata is incredibly versatile and its mixability makes it the perfect spirit for any season, whether you're looking for a smooth shot, a refreshing summer drink, or a fantastic addition to coffee.

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RumChata is a Caribbean rum-based cream liqueur flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. Inspired by the Spanish and Latin American drink, horchata, RumChata is made in Wisconsin and uses natural dairy cream. After its launch in 2009, RumChata quickly rose to the top of its category and found many dedicated fans.

Rum Chata Horchata Con Rum Mini 50ml Beer, Wine and Liquor

RumChata Hot Cocoa. The holidays aren't complete without a cup of hot cocoa. This recipe adds in RumChata and vanilla extract to the usual suspects: cocoa powder, sugar, milk, and heavy cream.

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10. Rumchata Eggnog. When the carols are harking and the bells are ringing you know it's time for eggnog. Traditional eggnog is delicious but even better are Rumchata Eggnogs. The creamy texture of the drink pairs perfectly with the smooth vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavors that come along with it.

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Directions. Mix the rice and warm water together in a bowl, and let stand for 1/2 hour. Reserving the water, drain, and place the rice in the bowl of a food processor. Add the cinnamon and process until a paste forms. Return the rice to the water and let stand at least 2 hours, stirring occasionally as the water turns milky white.


words: Olivia White. Created in 2009 by formerly retired distiller Tom Maas, RumChata is one of the most popular cream liqueurs in the world and was recently named one of the fastest-growing.

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Instructions. 1. Combine the rice and 2 1/2 cups steaming hot water in a large bowl. Soak at room temperature for 2 hours, the rice will not be completely soft, this is OK. Alternately, you can use room temp water and soak for 8 hours or overnight. (see notes for additional methods). 2.

Rum Chata Horchata 50ml (50 ML) BevMo

RumChata is a unique cream liqueur. It's made with Caribbean rum, fresh cream and plenty of authentic horchata spices. Take a sip, and you'll notice cinnamon, vanilla and plenty of sweet notes. It is smooth and creamy with a perfect amount of cinnamon. Many people get confused when they hear "RumChata" and often consider it as Baileys.

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The flavor, aroma, and texture all magically mimic a fusion of sweet spices pleasantly stirred into a cream. The overall finish is smooth and satisfying, and the aftertaste leaves the slightest hint of cinnamony heat. RumChata also contains 13.75 percent alcohol by volume (27.5 proof) — certainly enough to get the party started!

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The rum-based cream liqueur RumChata is especially popular. Though it can be enjoyed on its own, its cinnamon and vanilla notes can add delicious flavors—and a bit of cozy indulgence—to a whole host of cocktails.. This sipper's vodka base pairs well with the sweet, spiced, horchata-like flavor of this liqueur. Get the Full Recipe Here.

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Review: RumChata Horchata Con Ron Cream Liqueur. As cream liqueurs go — this world is wholly dominated by whiskey, coffee, and simple milk flavors — RumChata is nothing if not unique. Instead of whiskey, RumChata uses (obviously) rum as the base booze. Then, it's not straight up cream but horchata that supplies the milky whiteness.

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Instructions. Either add all ingredients to a shaker to combine, or simply divide horchata, almond milk, and rum between serving glasses, stir, and then add ice cubes. To sweeten, add a drizzle of honey or agave nectar. To thicken, add almond milk. Easy peasy!

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RumChata is a cream liqueur manufactured in Wisconsin. The recipe includes rum, dairy cream, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, and other flavorings. The drink has been manufactured in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, since 2009. Its name is a portmanteau of rum and horchata; the liqueur was designed to taste like a mixture of the two.