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Behr Cracked Pepper Review How This Dark GrayBlack Can Best Accent

Last year, Behr named Blank Canvas (DC-003), another neutral, as its 2023 Color of the Year.The warm white pairs well with Cracked Pepper, offering a contrasting but not harsh combination for.

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The RGB values for Sherwin Williams SW9580 Cracked Pepper are 84, 75, 71 and the HEX code is #544B47. The LRV for Sherwin Williams SW9580 Cracked Pepper is 7.35. The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for paint.

Behr Cracked Pepper a complete color review The Paint Color Project

Cracked Pepper is a deep and dynamic soft black that transcends modern, classic, casual, retro, and more design styles. The 2024 color also pairs seamlessly with other colors, finishes, patterns, and textures. The color looks stunning on walls and trims, but it can be used on any surface, like kitchen cabinets, front doors, or furniture.

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Cracked Pepper PPU18-1 from Behr is the accent color that will surely win your love with its intriguing uniqueness. The designers ' secret tool is the grayish-black shade with a surprisingly dark and cool appearance featuring an irreplaceable feel of luxury. Well, you cannot keep such a bold paint color secret for long.

Behr Paint Company Announces Its 2024 Color of the Year, “Cracked Pepper”

CRACKED PEPPER is one of over 3,000 colors you can find, coordinate, and preview on www.behr.com. Start your project with CRACKED PEPPER now. RGB: #4F5152.. LEARN ABOUT PAINT COLORS. Learn About Paint Colors. Simply select your favorite boards, then your favorite images (up to six) and Pins to Palettes will create a custom color palette.

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A little tweak to the toss cushions and this color will feel right at home. Sure, toss Cracked Pepper on your home's exterior with south-facing or afternoon western sunshine, and you might see a weee wink of violet pop up. However, on the average home, Cracked Pepper reads like a VERY (very) dark charcoal gray or a soft and subtle black.

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With a hue of 18 ° this Beige refers warm paint shade according to HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) on the color wheel. SW 9580 Cracked Pepper HSL code: 18, 13%, 25%. Hue - degree on a color wheel from 0 to 360. 0 is red, 120 is green, and 240 is blue. Saturation is a percentage value. 0% is a shade of grey, and 100% is the full color.

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Walls: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01, Even Better Beige DC-010, Trim: Weathered White HDC-NT-21. Create understated elegance in a dining room setting with Cracked Pepper walls, gleaming finishes and dramatic use of light. Wall: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01. Cracked Pepper can add a subtle statement or make a significant impact as a kitchen island focal.

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Color Family. Cracked Pepper is in the black color family. Light Reflectance Value. 8. Light Reflective Value is the measurement of how much light a color bounces around. This is on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 being pure black and 100 being pure white. With an LRV of 8, Cracked Pepper is a VERY dark paint color! RGB Colors. R: 79 G: 81 B: 82

Behr Cracked Pepper a complete color review The Paint Color Project

Whipped Cream. Just like a fresh sweet dollop on your favorite dessert, Whipped Cream is a delectable white that invites a playful lightness into your home. The 2024 Color of the Year is a bold and moody paint color that offers endless expression for every style. Explore Cracked Pepper - a soft black paint color.

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CRACKED PEPPER. PPU18-01. LRV R G B. Cracked Pepper is a versatile soft black that elevates any room and the way you feel in it. Save to My Colors. Visualize this Color Buy Samples or Gallons.

Dark wall cracked pepper by behr Cozy room decor, Paint colors for

Behr calls Cracked Pepper a "soft black" and that's pretty accurate. It is not dark enough to be a true black color, but it may look like one in certain lights. If you are shopping for a black paint and will be disappointed with a charcoal, Cracked Pepper is not the right color for you. If you want a nearly-black paint color that isn't.

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A wonderful option for your transitional, contemporary, farmhouse, and modern living rooms - this color makes a great option. I recommend you paint the accent wall in this color and further pair it with off-whites on the adjacent wall. A pro tip: Use a lighter color to feel the true beauty of Behr Cracked Pepper.

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Behr Cracked Pepper Review. I've used this paint color so many times in different ways in my home because it's just such a unique color that changes based on lighting and other coordinating colors around it. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend incorporating it in your color scheme. I will say that I've used different sheens of it as.

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Using Behr's Cracked Pepper for the paint wall color provides a solid backdrop that feels intimate and luxurious. The wooden table, modern armchair, and neutral rug are all well thought-out. 2. Stylish and Modern Workspace Image Source - Behr. A functional space can be stylish, too. This modern workspace using Behr's Cracked Pepper is the.