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Step 3. Store in jar and enjoy! When you're ready to make the hot cocoa itself, warm up a mug of milk of your choice and add 1 1/2 tablespoons of cocoa mix to the milk (adjust for taste). When you've completed your cocoa, and topped it with all the extras your heart desires, curl up with friends or family, and your favorite mug to enjoy the.

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Give the gift of a homemade hot cocoa mix this holiday season! Make it with a handful of pantry staples, store it in a jar and use the printable gift tag provided with instructions. A super cute way for you and your loved ones to enjoy a rich cup of hot cocoa at any time! DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Pin for later

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This is about as good as it gets for a dry mix hot cocoa recipe. Nothing beats a good cup of hot cocoa to make all your cares go away and if just for that mo.

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Adobe. 4. Make Hot Chocolate Cookies. Add 1/2 cup of instant hot cocoa mix to the dry portion of a cookie recipe, as suggested in Spruce Eats' hot chocolate cookies recipe.Basically, toss it in.

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix — LaLa Lunchbox

Jump to Recipe Ready to snuggle up and have a warm, chocolatey beverage by the fire to keep warm? Make this bulk DIY hot cocoa mix for your pantry for winter-time snuggles. It's quick and easy and can be adjusted for almost any dietary need! Here's an interesting tidbit! Is there a difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa? Does it matter?

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1 In 2-quart saucepan, heat sugar, cocoa, water, cinnamon and nutmeg over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is smooth. Heat to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer 4 minutes, stirring constantly. 2 Stir in milk. Heat over low heat. Pour cocoa into 6 mugs. Top each with 2 tablespoons marshmallow creme. Tips from the Betty Crocker Kitchens tip 1

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In a large saucepan, combine the milk and drink mix. Cook and stir over medium heat until heated through. Remove from the heat. Set aside 1 tablespoon crushed candy canes for garnish. Stir remaining candy canes into cocoa; keep warm. In a small bowl, beat cream until it begins to thicken.

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Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place up to 1 year. To use: combine 1 Tablespoon of hot cocoa mix for every 2 ounces of liquid (use water or milk). Serving size is for 8 ounces of hot cocoa (4 Tablespoons of mix and 8 ounces of hot water). For decadent hot cocoa, use 1 Tablespoon mix for every 1 ounce of liquid.

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For the full printable recipe, see the recipe card below. In a medium-size bowl, whisk together the cocoa powder, sugar, and salt. Transfer the cocoa mixture to a clean mason jar. Top the mix with the chocolate chips and then the mini marshmallows. Don't mix!

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To make a single serving of cocoa: Heat 1 cup of water until simmering. You can do this using a mug or glass measuring cup in the microwave. Add 6 to 7 tablespoons of the hot cocoa mix and stir to combine. (A milk frother also works great for this!) Enjoy your homemade hot chocolate recipe once cool enough to sip.

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Pinch of Salt. 3 oz. roughly chopped chocolate (optional) Directions: Chop the (optional) chocolate bar. Put in a food processor with the other ingredients. Pulse a few times until it is well mixed. Put in a jar and give away to friends! Add 2-3 tbsp. of the hot cocoa mix into a mug of warm milk. If stored in an airtight container, this hot.

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Fold the bottom flap up and add a bead of glue along all sides. Fold the left flap over and do the same. Fold the backside over the bottom and left flap. Smooth it down and let it dry. Now it's time to mix up a batch of hot cocoa powder! In a mixing bowl, combine the sugar, cocoa powder, and salt.

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Powdered Milk: To make a cocoa mix that becomes nice and creamy by just adding water, powdered milk is the key ingredient. Look for this near the evaporated milk in the grocery store. Powdered Sugar: I like using powdered sugar rather than granulated sugar because it dissolves so quickly. Corn Starch: This ingredient serves two important purposes.

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To Make the Mix: In one clean and dry quart-sized jar (or divided between 2 pint-sized mason jars), layer the sugar, cocoa powder, powdered milk, chocolate chips, and sea salt. Top with the marshmallows and crushed candy canes if using. Seal with a tight fitting lid. Print or hand write the instructions below on a label and affix to the jar.

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Divide the cocoa mix into two-gallon size ziplock bags if you would like to make two different flavors of hot cocoa mix. (One Peppermint and one plain with mini marshmallows) To one bag add the crushed peppermint sticks. Shake the bag so the crushed peppermint candy is mixed in with the cocoa mix. With the second bag of cocoa mix you could.