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About. imagined by chimera creative works. House on the Hill Cookie Molds has been creating Springerle Cookie Molds for over 30 years. We sell our products through more than 30 different online and physical stores in the United States and Europe. Our molds are currently featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine and on Martha.com.

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Antique Germany Wood Cookie Board Mold -2 Panel Fish and Other Symbol - FREE SHIPPING!! (734) $75.00. FREE shipping. Antique wooden German molds for gingerbread or cookies. Wall decor for a kitchen, restaurant, cafe or bakery in a vintage rustic style. (515)

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Springerle molds first came to Lancaster County, PA, circa 1710, among the most treasured possessions of the first German immigrants. Our family has been making springerle cookies for over 170 years: they take two days to make and are truly a labor of love. We offer springerle in the traditional anise flavor, as well as over 20 other flavors.

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Freising Volksfest is a lively and vibrant festival held in Freising, Bavaria. It is a celebration of Bavarian culture, featuring traditional music, delicious food, exciting rides, and a joyful atmosphere (Gemütlichkeit). The festival brings together locals and visitors alike to enjoy a memorable experience filled with fun and entertainment.

16 best images about Antique German Cookie Molds on Pinterest

Place the eggs in a stand mixer with the whisk attachment in place. Beat the eggs until foamy. Add the powdered sugar, a little at a time along with the vanilla sugar (or extract), anise oil and lemon zest (if using). Once all the powdered sugar has been added continue to beat the mixture for 10 minutes.

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Answer 1 of 7: Hello Fellow Travelers, Please permit me to post the following and then ask a question regarding these German cookies. Speculaas dough contains warm spices. Springerle dough contains anise and when baked they seem to "spring up." I.

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Updated on 09/18/20. Springerle, the licorice-flavored cookie impressed with detailed pictures, popular around Christmas, especially in Germany. Thousands of years ago, the Indus Valley people were imprinting honey cakes with clay molds. Greeks and Egyptians imprinted their bread and the Romans brought this custom northwards to the Rhine.

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December 14, 2015. Do you know what springerle are? Traditionally leavened with hartshorn ( baker's ammonia) and flavored with anise or lemon, these pretty embossed cookies date back to 14 th -century Germany. The intricate molds that shape them are typically carved from wood. Some of the earliest molds depict Bible stories.

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We offer two different lines of carved wood molds: From Germany: Laser carved Springerle cookie molds with exquisite detailing. Made in Germany from native cherry and maple woods. From US and Canada: Our line of wood springerle cookie molds are carved from 1" thick solid maple blocks, with painstaking attention to detail and hand finishing. Crafted to last for generations.

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Vintage Dutch Large Spekulatius Cookie Gingerbread Priest Bishop Man Hand Carved Wooden Mold Baking Cooking circa 1950-60's / EVE. (3.2k) $222.25. 1. 2. 3. Decorating Supplies. Molds for Candle Making. Here is a selection of four-star and five-star reviews from customers who were delighted with the products they found in this category.

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Traditional German cookies are sometimes crunchy, like this recipe for cinnamon cookies. Butter, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolk, flour, baking powder, butter, and cinnamon are the ingredients. After the batter is prepared, it needs to be chilled for three hours before the cookies are sliced and baked. 18.

Wooden German Springerle cookie mold vintage by Friends4You

Welcome to Springerle Emporium, your online store for springerle cookie molds, custom made cookie cutters, and baking accessories. We proudly offer hand crafted cookie molds from Europe, USA, and Canada. Our extensive selection will have you baking and crafting for all seasons, holidays, and special occasions! Springerle Emporium offers a wide.

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This video shows how to make Springerle, which is a German style cookie. To make these, you need to have cookie molds. These molds imprint 3D pictures on t.

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Cookie Mold, Dutch or German Cookie Mold, Five Designs, Cookie Press, Rustic Cookie Mold, Hand Carved, Tiger Ship (28) FREE shipping Add to Favorites $ 49.00. SPRINGERLE TRAIN MOLD Hand Carved Wood Vintage Antique German Cookie Hanging Wall Folk Art Decor Handmade Locomotive Anise Dunking Cookie (328) FREE shipping.

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