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Ingredients in Butter Popcorn Popcorn kernels: Measure 1/2 cup kernels, and add 3 tester kernels to the oil to test it's hot enough for popping. Coconut oil: Some movie theaters use coconut oil for their popcorn, so this recipe does too. Clarified butter or ghee: Clarified butter or ghee gives the popcorn a clean, rich, buttery flavor.

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Instructions. To 5 quart, heavy bottomed pot, add the coconut oil and kernels and cover. 2 Tablespoons coconut oil. When first kernel pops, shake the pot to coat the kernels with the oil. ¼ cup popcorn kernels. Let the cooking continue until the popping slows down to a few seconds between each pop.

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This has two benefits for butter popcorn: Use to pop the popcorn - because it has a higher smoke point than normal butter. You CANNOT pop popcorn with normal butter, it just burns; and Won't make popcorn soggy when you pour the butter over it. In fact, it stays crispy for days and days and days….

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Butter Coconut oil or canola oil Popcorn salt or Alberger salt Flavacol (optional) Butter flavored popcorn topping (optional) Method 1 Making Movie Style Popcorn Download Article 1 Choose your salt. Many movie theaters use salt processed using the Alberger process, as the many jagged edges on the salt crystals help it stick to the popcorn. [1]

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Butter Popcorn: Ingredients & Substitutions Popcorn kernels. Choose your favorite brand/variety. Coconut oil. This is used to pop the popcorn kernels. I have tried canola oil, butter, and olive oil (which all work) and nothing pops corn as well as coconut oil. It does not impart a coconut flavor to the recipe either. Salted butter.

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LesserEvil Himalayan Gold Organic Butter Flavor Popcorn 0 out of 5 star rating 0 Reviews You really won't believe it's not butter. We blend our plant-based butter alternative with organic coconut oil, resulting in our classic Himalayan Gold salted popcorn. This snack is ready for movie nights, sunny days, and everything in between.

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Instructions. In a large pot, add the oil and turn your burner to just past medium (see Recipe Note #2). As the oil is heating up, place one popcorn kernel in the pan, near the edge of the pan and cover. After this kernel pops (~2 min) add the salt and popcorn and stir for 15 seconds to mix thoroughly.

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Place the coconut oil in a heavy bottom pot. Use a pot that's 3 quarts or larger and has a lid. Heat it over medium heat. If the oil is solid, it will melt quickly. Test the Oil. To check if the oil is hot enough to pop the popcorn, drop a few popcorn kernels into the pot. If the oil around them sizzles or the kernels pop, the oil is ready.

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Instructions. Scoop coconut oil into the popper and heat up for a few seconds. Add popcorn and keep stirring the handle periodically until the popping stops. Pour popcorn into a glass or ceramic bowl (hot foods should never touch plastic), and add the melted butter and sea salt. Shake or stir it around good then test to see if it needs more.

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Add popcorn kernels and stir so all kernels are coated with oil. Place glass lid on top and hold, popcorn will begin popping in about 2-3 minutes, turn off when 2/3 of kernels have popped and they will continue to pop but not burn. Carefully remove lid. Pour out of pot when done so they don't continue to cook.

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Is coconut oil better than butter on popcorn? Yes - coconut oil is DEFINITELY better than butter on popcorn. Coconut oil is loaded with health benefits and also gives you a rich and buttery flavor. Looking for more coconut oil recipes?

Tomato Butter Popcorn SUNSET Grown. All rights reserved. : Dutchman's Popcorn Coconut Oil | Butter Flavored Oil, 30oz Jar - Colored with Natural Beta Carotene, Makes Theater Style Popcorn, Vegan, Healthy, Zero Trans Fat, Gluten Free, Made in USA : Grocery & Gourmet Food Grocery & Gourmet Food › Pantry Staples › Cooking & Baking › Cooking Oils, Vinegars & Sprays › Oils › Coconut

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Now what? Can you make movie theater popcorn in an air popper or in the microwave? Want more popcorn recipes like this one? And check out these reader favorites! Why does movie theater popcorn taste better? There are three things that make movie theater popcorn delicious: butter, salt, and COCONUT OIL. Bet you didn't expect that last one!

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Instructions. Prepare a bowl, or two, or three depending on how many flavours you fancy making. Place the cooking pot over medium heat. Add the coconut oil and the corn kernels which should be sufficient and not more than covering the bottom of the pot you decide to pop the corn in.

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Ingredients 3 Tbsp Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut Oil 1/3 cup popcorn kernels salt to taste Servings: people Instructions if you've never made popcorn over the stove, give this homemade butter flavored coconut oil popcorn with Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut Oil a try!

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Brown Butter Popcorn Recipe Published: Jan 13, 2018 · Modified: Sep 26, 2023 by Emily Laurae · This post may contain affiliate links. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe When it comes to couch cuddles and watching our favorite flicks, there's no snack more appropriate than my Brown Butter Popcorn recipe.