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These Charcuterie Trays measure approximately 15" x 9" and are decorated with chalkboard decals measuring 11.5" x 6.5". STEP 1: GET MY FREE CHARCUTERIE TRAYS FILES. The first step is to download my Charcuterie Trays designs and template from my free resource library-- it's design #338.

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For best placement on the boards that I had, I traced out the templates with a pencil. This allowed me to get the most yield out of these boards and end up with the most charcuterie boards possible. Here's a trick for some of those longer boards. You don't have to have a template the same size as your boards.

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Gather all your ingredients, then start arranging them on the board in this order: Place spreads, dips, honey, jams, spreadable meats, and olives in very small bowls. Add small spoons or knives to the bowls if needed. Place them on the board, spacing them out.

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First, place the cheeses. Arrange them evenly around the board and allow space for slicing and scooping. We used two kinds of Brie (a robust, creamy Brie and a mild Brie), blue cheese, an aged cheddar, and goat cheese on this board. Next, add the meats. We placed the prosciutto, Italian salami, and American salami in little piles next to the.

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Here's a quick cheat sheet, detailing roughly how much food you'll need to get in order to fill out all seven sections on one piece of paper. Meats: 10 ounces. Fruits & Veggies: 1/2 pound. Crackers & Dippers: 6 ounces. Salty Things: 8 ounces. Small Bowl (or round cheese): 8 to 10 ounces. Cheeses: 8 ounces.

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Instructions. In small separate bowls or ramekins add goat cheese, olives, and jam or mustard. Using the COOKtheSTORY Charcuterie Maps as a general guide, place bowls on serving platter according to the shape board you're using. Arrange gouda and cheddar on platter by fanning around bowls.

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In this video, I show how to make charcuterie boards. Basically, it's a serving board or cutting board with a fancy handle and a fancy name. After making man.

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Download the templates below to guide you along the way. There's options for square, rectangular, and circular boards. About Christine. Hi! I'm Christine.. Download my charcuterie board maps and never worry about how to arrange your meats and cheeses again! Cook the Story. Homemade Recipes for Real Life. start here; all recipes.

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The perfect charcuterie board includes five key elements: Cheese: Crumbly, soft, hard or aged, you really can't go wrong with cheese. Variety adds interest to a board. The Cheese Queen Kim has crowned the Emporium Selection Blue Cheese Wedge and 4-Year Aged Cheddar as some of her favorites. Meat: Grab a variety of meat — some cured, some.

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No matter how you frame it, a charcuterie board is one of the easiest dishes you can make. But a memorable board requires a bit more effort than merely dumping cheese cubes on a platter, a move Johnny strongly advises against. Instead, a good charcuterie board takes some thoughtful preparation and an investigative eye at your local grocery store.

Charcuterie Board List & Layout Round Table Board Etsy

Meats: Two to three slices of meat, or approximately 2 to 3 ounces per person should satisfy your guests ahead of the rest of the meal. Per-pound prices might give you sticker shock, but many are.

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Material: Charcuterie boards can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, marble, slate, and even glass. Wooden boards are the most popular choice because they are durable and provide a natural look that complements the food. Shape: Charcuterie boards come in a variety of shapes, including round, rectangular, and square. Choose a.

Charcuterie Board List & Layout Beginner Board Etsy

We offer 2 different size variations of charcuterie templates to choose from. Charcuterie Map Mini. Price $15.00. Charcuterie Map - Party Size. Price $15.00. Simple Charcuterie Board Layout Template. Effortless Charcuterie Setup. Lay out your Charcuterie Map over your cutting board or countertop, and watch as the magic unfolds..

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Draw the shape and design. Start with a close-grain hardwood board with a minimum thickness of 3/4-in., and minimum width of eight inches. Walnut, maple and cherry are good choices and cost roughly $20 to $30 per board. Draw the charcuterie board shape on your piece of wood. Minimum recommended dimensions are an 8-in. x 12-in. rectangle with a.

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Pair sweet accompaniments like fresh fruit, jams, and candied nuts, near the brie cheese or goat cheese. Cheddar cheese pairs well with savory and sweet. 5. Fill in all the extra space with crackers: look for gaps in the board and spread crackers all throughout. Fill in any remaining space with extra small nuts or fruit.

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CHEESE | Cheese is always a crowd pleaser. Add a mix of soft and hard cheese options, like brie, aged cheddar, goat cheese, and pecorino romano. BREAD + CRACKERS | A mix of fresh bread (think a crusty baguette) and a variety of organic-looking crackers are perfect for pairing with cheese or dips.