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Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Eggs Carton. Now 36% Off. $4 at World Market. If you simply can't choose between milk or dark chocolate, this cute little carton offers up the best of both worlds.

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Amazon. 8. Cadbury Flake Chocolate Egg. Speaking of candy surprises, this hollow milk chocolate egg is large enough to accommodate three full-size Cadbury Flake bars (i.e., creamy, crumbly chocolate twigs). Needless to say, this bad boy is destined to be an Easter basket centerpiece.

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Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Polka Dot Bunny. $4 at Walmart. Cookies 'n' Creme fans will love this Easter-themed twist on the Hershey's classic. The 4.25-ounce bunny is decorated with an adorable polka dot design that'll match perfectly with the pastel colors of your Easter baskets. 14.

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Easter Egg Fillers For Kids. Finding fun Easter egg fillers for kids is quite easy to do, even when leaving out the chocolate! There are plenty of practical items such as stationery and small craft supplies that will fit inside the eggs and encourage creative activities.. Sensory items such as slime, chalk, play dough and finger paints are also great for children of all ages.

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If you like fruity candy, these cute Twisslers Easter bunnies are the treat for you. These bite-sized cherry-flavored licorice pieces have 100 calories in 16 bunnies.

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Each plastic egg fits two. Key Specs. Size: 12-Count: 6. For the Bougie Easter Basket. Sugarfina Easter Garden Party Candy Bento Box. 6.. One of the quintessential Easter candy varieties, Cadbury's Caramel Eggs strike a textural balance between rich milk chocolate and ooey-gooey caramel. These make for a sweet reward well worth the Easter.

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60+ Easter Egg Stuffers Ideas (or Fillers) If you'd like this list as a printable download it here: Easter Egg Filler Ideas Cheat Sheet. Candy for Easter Eggs. Let's start with candy because it's the obvious one. Certain candies are better than others. There are good candies that fit well into Easter eggs and won't add up to a ton of candy.

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13. Hershey's Milk Chocolate Hollow Bunny, $28.79 on Amazon. Another Easter candy staple from Hershey's, Milk Chocolate Hollow Bunnies are always a good idea. 14. Reese's Milk Chocolate Peanut.

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Plastic Easter Eggs From N.E.T. Egg. Browse N.E.T. Egg's selections of Easter eggs, whether you need a hundred or several thousand. Our products come in bright colors. You can order them empty and put your own candy in them, or you can order filled eggs for convenience. Contact N.E.T. Egg or call 1-800-458-4116 for more information.

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Lindt Gold Bunny. Get one of the most iconic examples of Easter candy with the Lindt Gold Bunny. This 3.5 ounce chocolate rabbit just screams Easter, and will bring smiles to any recipient. Made using Lindt's premium chocolate recipe, and ever so beautifully hand finished with a bow and bell. $29.70.

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Knipschildt Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolate Eggs. $32 at Williams Sonoma. Credit: Williams Sonoma. These might be the most realistic eggs on this list thanks to the speckled details and egg carton container. But don't worry, they're made entirely from chocolate with either a caramel or hazelnut ganache filling. 9.

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3. Whopper Robin Eggs. It's frustrating that malted milk balls have gone the way of other vintage candies, like root beer barrels and butterscotch discs, but Robin Eggs are a solid reminder that.

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Add to Cart. Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs 2-Ounce Mesh Bags: 24-Piece Tub. $84.50. Add to Cart. Bee International Sea Quest Aquatic Plastic Easter Eggs with Candy: 12-Piece Pack. $14.50. Add to Cart. Finders Keepers PJ Masks Milk Chocolate Egg: 6-Piece Box. $23.50.

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Hershey's fun-sized candy bars with Easter wrappers: Pretty self-explanatory, the Halloween standby gets an Easter makeover. Skittles-filled Easter eggs : For those who want some chocolate.

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These candies are the best egg candies that fit inside each plastic Easter egg. Cadbury Creme Eggs. Speckled Chocolate Malt Eggs. Black Jelly Bird Eggs. Brach's Speckled Jelly Bird Eggs. Gummi Easter Swirled Eggs. Milk Chocolate Foil Eggs. Pastel Hershey Kisses. While eggs within an Easter egg are hilarious, other chocolates are also great.

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Easter Building Blocks Kit. $20 at Amazon. Credit: Amazon. As soon as every egg has been opened, the kiddos will want to hop to it and get building! The box comes with 12 individual packages of building block sets. There are adorable animals, flowers, carrots, Easter garland, Easter baskets, eggs, Jesus, and more.