Top 12 Adorable Butterfly Food Ideas for Kids Healthy Ideas for Kids

Butterfly Food Ideas

Butterfly Crackers with Cheese: Pepperidge Farm Golden Butter Crackers come in the shape of a butterfly! They also have a box called "Cracker Favorites" that contain butterfly shaped crackers. I found them at my regular local grocery store. I simply paired them with some string cheese or cheddar cheese for a simple tray.

Butterfly Food Ideas

In the wild, butterflies feed on a variety of nectar-producing flowers, including daisies, asters, marigolds, and many others. They also visit rotting fruit, sap flows, and decomposing organic matter such as decaying fruit, dung, and carrion. In addition, butterflies sip moisture from damp soil, mud puddles, and even wet rocks.

Butterfly Food Ideas

Think "rotten" when choosing butterfly food. Butterflies like a variety of food sources, especially over-ripe fruit and rotting vegetation. If you own an apple, plum, cherry or pear tree, allow fallen fruit to ferment on the ground to create a favorite feeding spot.

Top 12 Adorable Butterfly Food Ideas for Kids Healthy Ideas for Kids

In Butterfly Gardening in Containers, released by Texas A & M University, Master Gardener Bobbie Truell says: "An alternative food source for butterflies is a homemade feeder filled with a solution of 4 parts water to 1 part granulated sugar. Boil the solution for several minutes until sugar is dissolved, and then let cool.

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Hang your creation among flowers and watch as butterflies grace your garden, all thanks to your handiwork and dedication to supporting wildlife. Handmade Charlotte. 3. Make a Butterfly Feeder Craft for Kids. Engage your kids in a fun-filled summer activity with a Butterfly Feeder Craft from Glitter On A Dime.

Butterfly Food Ideas

8 DIY Butterfly Feeder Ideas. 1. Plate Butterfly Feeder. This butterfly feeder can be as basic or as dressy as you'd like. Here it's shown with a flower shaped plate, but any saucer or bowl would do. You'll also need some twine or cotton rope for hanging, and a metal ring or plate mount to hold it all together.

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For adult butterflies, we provide lots of nectar in spring, summer, and fall, including goldenrods. Just as important, though, we've planted lots of food for the caterpillars that will later become the adult butterflies. These are the larval host plants, sometimes called caterpillar food plants. Every species has specific plants they use in.

Top 12 Adorable Butterfly Food Ideas for Kids Super Healthy Kids

1- The Butterfly To-go Snack Bag. The first snack is a fun on-the go, or take it home idea that you can customize to meet your needs. You just need a clothespin, and a ziptop sandwich bag. The kids can draw a face on their butterfly body (the clothespin) and you can fill either side of the wings with fruits, nuts, or other small snacks.

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1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup (adjust to taste) 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Salt and pepper to taste. Instructions: In a small bowl, combine the freshly squeezed citrus juice (you can use a single type or a mixture of orange, lemon, and lime) with the honey or maple syrup. Whisk together until well combined.

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Cut a 1-inch wide strip off the sponge and force part of it through the hole in the mason jar lid. You want a small portion of it to be peaking through the hole to the other side. This will be what the butterflies drink from. Fill your feeder a few inches full with nectar.


1. Opt for liquids like warm children's juices, colas, and fruit punches. Children's juices, colas, and fruit punches make for the best first aid treatment for hurt, sick, or young butterflies. Use these as food if possible, and make sure to provide them at room temperature or warmer. 2.

Kidsโ€™ Butterfly Party Food Ideas Butterfly party, Birthdays and Celery

DIY Hanging Plate Feeder. 9. Upcycled Tin Can Butterfly Feeder. 10. DIY Butterfly Feeder And Waterer. Conclusion. 1. DIY Butterfly Feeder Jug. If you have an old glass jug, you can use it to make a gorgeous and functional butterfly feeder.

Butterfly Food Ideas

Celery Butterflies by the Nerd's Wife. Butterfly Fruit Pizza by Hungry Happenings. Butterfly Fruit by Kix Cereal. Butterfly Quesadillas by Creative Kid Snacks. Butterfly Dogs and Crescents by Little Red Woods. Cinnamon Roll Butterflies by Pillsbury. Strawberry Ice Cream Cupcakes by Just a Pinch.

Top 12 Adorable Butterfly Food Ideas for Kids Healthy Ideas for Kids

8. Butterfly Food. You may be aware there's hummingbird food meant to go in a hummingbird feeder to attract them to your property. The same technique can be used for butterflies too. You can purchase butterfly food and dissolve it in water. Place it in a feeder, and you're ready for your flying visitors. 9.

Top 12 Adorable Butterfly Food Ideas for Kids Healthy Ideas for Kids

Background to our Butterfly Food Post: We were able to visit the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure in Branson, Missouri a few years back. It's a fun and relaxing place to stop in Branson if you're a nature lover like we are. We loved the Butterfly Palace since that they do have a variety of beautiful butterflies, and the fun thing is.

How to Make Butterfly Food

Caterpillars mostly eat plants. They consume large amounts of leaves, grass, and flowers. Caterpillars often eat such large amounts of food that they will double in size in one day. Some leaves that caterpillars enjoy come from oak, cherry, and willow trees. Most caterpillars are herbivores, but some are omnivores.