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Sugar. oyster sauce. Worcestershire Sauce. Ketchup. Scallions. Katsuobushi. Mayonnaise. Similar to an omelet or a pancake, okonomiyaki is an immensely popular Japanese dish. The batter is made with eggs, flour, water, grated yam, and shredded cabbage.

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4. Apollo Strawberry Chocolate. Apollo Chocolates are a retro Japanese candy treat that combine strawberry and chocolate, two satisfying flavors. The quirky pocket-sized box decked out in strawberries will transport you to the 1960s. Even the name, Apollo, and conical space capsules chocolates are a nod to the Space Age.

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Pure Fruits Gummy. The Pure Fruits Gummies are the ideal snacks after lunch or dinner. The delicious gummies are made from real fruit juice and contain no fat or gluten. You also get to enjoy over six flavors, from grapes to lemon. Pure fruits gummies stand out because they contain collagen and Vitamin C.

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Miyajima - Omotosando shopping street, mentioned in my guide to a Miyajima day trip. Takayama - Miyagawa Market in the Old Town, mentioned in my Takayama guide. Kamakura - Komachi-dori, mentioned in my Kamakura day trip guide. Kawagoe - Kashiya Yokocho (Penny Candy Alley), mentioned in my Kawagoe day trip guide.

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BUY IT: Assorted Japanese Junk Food Snack "Umaibo" (50 Packs), $13 on Amazon. 12. Jagariko. Another stick snack (the Japanese are big fans of the stick snack!), this extra-crunchy take on the.

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A Japan snack crate is a monthly subscription box (many of which we are already big fans and subscribers of) which sends a bundle of Japanese snacks right to your door. The biggest and best Japan snack crate is easily Bokksu. Shipped from Osaka, Japan with free worldwide shipping,.

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11. Kinoko no Yama from Meiji (きのこの山, mushroom mountain) This chocolate-coated mushroom-looking candy is made by Meiji in Japan. It is a biscuit that looks like a mushroom but the top is coated with thick rich chocolate while the stem is bare. It comes in flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and sweet potato. 12.

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The Bakauke Senbei Crackers originates from Niigata, a region known particularly for its premium rice production. This assortment pack is a highlight of five incredibly rich, distinct and addictive flavours: seaweed and soy sauce, corn soup, cheese, curry, and sesame soy sauce. 16. Jagariko Potato Sticks.

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The most popular snack in Japan is Pocky. It is a biscuit stick coated in chocolate. It was first introduced in 1966 by Glico, a Japanese confectionery company. Pocky is available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and cheese. It is a popular snack among children and adults alike.

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The Japanese name " Tai " means fish-eating during the holidays or a special celebration in Japan. Pukupuku-Tai is a Japanese fish candy that looks like Taiyaki with a twist. Made with simple ingredients like chocolate, sugar, wafer and milk, this special treat from Japan is crisp if compared to Taiyaki.

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13. Anmitsu. Anmitsu is a mixed dessert of jelly, agar, fruits, mochi, peas, ice cream and red bean paste; the fruits are made in thin slices. It is served in a bowl of sweet black syrup mixed with some ingredients mentioned above. Like other Japanese snacks and desserts, anmitsu also have a few types.

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Baum rolls may not get a lot of foreign press, but they are one of the most popular Japanese sweet snacks to hand out at group gatherings. These soft, moist rolls of thin cake are coated in a tasty, light lemon frosting. The Bourbon brand makes tons of mini sweet treats, but baum rolls are perhaps the best! 9. Bisco.

From Sweet to Savory The 12 Best Snacks from Japan

Riska Corn Potage Snack. Probably the highest-ranking flavor in Japan. Extremely rich, and a very tasty Japanese snack! If you want to eat snacks like the locals, go for something corn flavored! 15. Calbee Potato sticks. Made from Hokkaido butter, these Calbee potato sticks are another popular snack from Japan.

[Part 1] Japanese Snacks Galore Om Nom Nomad

Arare often have something at their center such as peanuts or peas. 19. Anmitsu. Anmitsu is a classic Japanese dessert that is made from ingredients such as anko, agar jelly, mochi, fruits, boiled peas and ice cream served in a bowl with a small pot of black syrup or kinako on the side. 20.

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Japanese rice crackers. Japanese dagashi snacks. Japanese sweet snacks (the best candies form Japan!) Japanese biscuit snacks. Japanese ice cream snacks. Japanese chocolate snacks. Japanese desserts, and. traditional Japanese snacks to nibble on when you enjoy green tea. We've also included a link to a comprehensive list of fresh Japanese.

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Umaibo Variety Pack. Umaibo is a popular junk food among a variety of the best Japanese snacks. They are potages made of puffed corn. This variety pack contains a number of the most popular flavours, such as cheese, salad, curry, and tonkatsu sauce. Try Umaibo in various different flavours! | Image from wowbox_jp.