Wisconsin Police Set Rules In Place To Allow TPing (2023)

Along with fall weather comes homecoming and toilet-papering trees (and/or houses).Apolice department in Wisconsin has accepted that fact and will allow TPing, but with conditions.

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The La Farge Police either really cool or have bigger fish to try because they're allowing TPing. Crazy, right? Maybe not. Police in the village of La Farge (two hours north of Madison) has set rules in regards to what some consider vandalizing.

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If children are going to “Toilet Paper” someone’s property, they should first receive consent from the property owner and clean up the mess when they are done.

Of course, the local police department and school district do not approve of "vandalism, destruction or illegal activities" or trespassing.

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Any person caught trespassing or vandalizing any private or public property without the owner’s consent will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Let's be real if the property isn't getting damaged let the toilet paper fly. Just clean it up when you're done.

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In a bizarre twist, the La Farge Police Department has since pulled the Facebook post citing the new "rules" for TPing and shared this,

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