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Numerous Cartoon shows come and go away without leaving a mark in the audience’s mind, but some make an unforgettable mark that no other show can replace. One of such is “Owl House.” The Owl House is a Dana Terrace-created American animated fantasy television program that debuted on Disney Channel on Jan 10, 3030.

The second season finale of The Owl House was recently published. Everyone is now curious as to what is unfolding with Season 3. We have all the details of Owl House season 3 that you must be finding it.

What Is The Production Status Of ‘The Owl House season 3’?

We don’t have much good news to share. The “Owl House,” season 3, will be the last to air. It will instead consist of three 44-minute specials rather than the typical 19–21 episodes of a season. I know it’s very tragic to hear, but this is the truth. We hope the special 44 minutes will do justice to the end of “Owl House.”

Fans have gone mad to hear this news. They are expressing their anger on Twitter, tagging the creator, and in response to that, the creator, Dana Terrace, has confirmed that the information is true.

Still, after some time, she deleted her tweet, which has given rise to fans‘ speculation that the creator of Owl House might have changed their decision of 44 minutes special episodes; instead, they are going to release normal 20 episodes of season 3. These rumors will not be clear until Owl House Season 3 does not premiere.

The Owl House Season 3 Overview

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The Owl House season 3 Quick Info

The Owl House season 3

The Owl House season 3: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Teaser & Predictions » Amazfeed (1)
  • Season: The Owl House season 3
  • No. of Seasons: 2
  • Episode: TBA
  • Creator: Dana Terrace
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
  • Main Characters: Sarah-Nicole Robles, Alex Hirsch, Wendie Malick
  • Production: Disney Television Animation
  • Producer(S): Wade Wisinski
  • Music: Brad Breeck
  • Country of Origin: United States, United Kingdom
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Episode Aired: Not yet confirmed
  • Release Time: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Where to Watch: Disney Plus
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When Is The Owl House Season 3 Coming Out? (Release Date)

What will happen to the television program “The Owl House,” which has not yet been declared by the Disney Channel? However, based on the final episode schedule, The third season of The Owl House will premiere on Disney Channel sometime in 2022.

The Owl House: What would it be able to be About?

The show centers on the confident adolescent Luz, who finds a portal to a world where people are not welcomed. To recover his titles and grandeur, King, a small demon formerly a king, joins forces with a headstrong witch named Eda & her.

The Owl House season 3: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Teaser & Predictions » Amazfeed (2)

What can the viewers expect from The Owl House season 3?

“The Owl House” Season 2 picks up where Season 1 ends, and Season 3 is anticipated to do the same with Season 2’s conclusion following Luz into a human realm. We may anticipate learning about Luz’s background, including her time spent in the Boiling Isles, how she pursued her revolt against the Emperor, and numerous other unrevealed details.

If a rebellion arises against him, Belos will not remain mute and may order his guards to assault Luz to seize control of the situation. There will be a fierce struggle when Luz, Eda, & Emperor square off directly.

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The Owl House season 3 Spoiler

Disney used to have a lot of fantasy series, but when Disney XD came around. Certain shows were deleted or weren’t as good as they thought. At first glance, it may appear to be a fairly conventional plot with stereotypical characters, but it turns out we were mistaken.

Owl House presents a beautiful world with a coarse dose of reality that fits in every element, realistic backdrops that aren’t colorful, and a predicament that may happen to us. It controls each character distinctively, to the point that they appear entirely human, even to those who aren’t.

Luz, Eda, and King get along very well as a family; Eda is the mother, Luz is the energetic adolescent, and King is the adorable younger brother. The animation is stunning and incredibly smooth in places, the soundtrack is whimsical, and the narrative and character development are superb. It’s simply begging for an Emmy nomination and a tale that can hopefully be extended to three seasons.

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The Owl House season 3 Rating And Review


Every person evaluates a program based on its rating. Usually, a show’s ratings are the strongest predictor of whether or not it will continue airing. The higher the scores, the safer the situation is. The show has received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike, earning an 8.2/10 rating on IMDb and a 93% average rating on Rottentomatoes.

The Owl House season 3: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Teaser & Predictions » Amazfeed (3)


The animation is superb, and the art style is charming, like Gravity Falls crossed with Hieronymus Bosch. The innovative environment will undoubtedly appeal to fantasy-loving children, and I’m confident that many of them wish they could have adventures on the Boiling Isles themselves.

In addition, the plots are quite endearing, and the episodes are filled with humor! I believe that children will like this short fantasy frolic, and adults will probably be able to enjoy it as well, as it made me laugh and is visually appealing.

Readers Rating

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Who Will Be Part Of The Owl House Season 3? (Cast and Character)

The third season of “Owl House” will have the same voice artists as the first and second seasons. Returning of the previous cast will ensure consistency across the entire series. In addition, the show’s main characters’ voices will be provided by Sarah Nicole Robles & Wendie Malick again in season 3.

For the third season, two of the audience’s favorites, Luz and Eda, are also returning. Issac Ryan Brown & Matthew Rhys are furthermore present in adding to the others already mentioned. Cissy Jones has been added to the roster of voice performers for the upcoming third season.

The Owl House season 3: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Teaser & Predictions » Amazfeed (4)

The Owl House Season 2 recap Summary

In the second season, the main protagonists fight Emperor Belos and his henchmen, who are getting ready for the “Day of Unity. “The “Day of Unity” aims to unite the Demon & Human Realms. Eda battles her curse, King seeks the truth about his past, and they all assist Luz on her journey back to the Human Realm.

In the last episode we saw, the Collector reminds King that he pinky promised not to play with him. King lets Luz go and remarks that she has been a wonderful big sister before using his sonic vocal explosion to hurl Luz, Amity, Willow, Hunter, & Gus through the teleport door and into the Human Realm.

Where to Watch The Owl House?

The Owl House by Dana Terrace is the place to be if you’re seeking a series that examines witches and magic includes LGBTQ+ characters and has a distinctive aesthetic influenced by Hieronymus Bosch. “The Owl House” is currently available to view on Disney Plus.

Is There Any News about The Owl House Season 3 Trailer?

There is currently no trailer for The Owl House season 3 available. But be sure to keep checking back on our page since we will continue to update you on any new information surrounding the upcoming The Owl House.

However, you will view it on our page if it is available. You can watch The Owl House season 2 trailer while you wait for the season 3 trailer to arrive.


Even if the majority of the entertainment business appears determined to dismiss animation as a childish kind of entertainment, the field of animation has been notably booming in recent years. One such animation is Owl House.

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The Owl House may have passed you by if you don’t often watch animated television or if your children don’t watch Disney Channel. It’s okay since now is the ideal opportunity to catch up on this fantastic program.

If you want to learn more about Owl House, then explore our site. We have all the facts that you would like to dig into deeper!

Frequently Ask Question AboutThe Owl House Season 3

1. When is Owl house season 3 coming out?

It is not officially announced yet, but it will come out this year.

2. Where can I watch Owl house season 3?

You can stream it on Disney plus when it gets released.

3. How many seasons does Owl house have?

It has two seasons, and season 3 will be released soon.

4. When did Amity kiss Luz?

In the Season 2 episode”Clouds on the Horizon,” Amity kissed Luz.

5. Does Amity have a crush on Luz?

Yes! She has a crush on her.


Is the Owl House season 3 out yet? ›

The Owl House Received a Shortened Final Season

The first special premiered in October 2022, with Episode 2 following in January. The Owl House series finale premieres Saturday, April 8 at 9 p.m. ET on Disney Channel. Catch up with the rest of the show now on Disney+.

Is Owl House ending at season 3? ›

The Owl House gave us almost everything that it could've in its limited three episode final season — and also gave us a gut-punch in the finale that is going to stick with us for some time. The Owl House finale will be available to stream on Disney Plus on April 9.

Is The Owl House ending soon? ›

The Owl House is ending much sooner than we want, with the final episode airing on April 8. A new teaser shows just what teen witch Luz and her friends are up against — including the childish yet omnipotent Collector and the sinister Emperor Belos, who can now use his creepy necromantic body to take over others!

How old is Luz in season 3 of The Owl House? ›

It follows Luz, a 14-year-old human who stumbles upon a mysterious door that turns out to be a portal to the demon realm.

What is Luz's palisman? ›

Early in the new episode, Luz and Amity talk about their palismen. Amity tells Luz that her palisman, a white cat named Ghost, only hatched when she admitted her deepest wish to herself: Her greatest desire wasn't to be a great witch or a great author, but to be able to choose that path for herself.

Is The Owl House for kids? ›

Enjoyable for adults and kids alike

This is one of those cartoons that's enjoyable for adults too! Both my 9 year old boy and 6 year old girl love it! So many fun and clever jokes and references in it!

Did Luz lose her powers? ›

After the spirit of the Titan passes on, Luz loses the ability to use glyphs. However a few years after, King discovers he has his own glyphs and agrees to teach them to her.

How old is King Owl House? ›

King. King Clawthorne (voiced by Alex Hirsch as his current form, Dana Terrace as a baby and "squeak of rage" effects) is a small, approximately and implicitly to be 8 or 9-year-old Titan with a skull-like head and Eda's roommate who is the self-proclaimed "King of Demons".

Is Owl House season 3 only 3 episodes? ›

The third and final season of The Owl House was greenlit on May 17, 2021, ahead of the second season premiere. According to Dana Terrace, this season would serve as the final season, and will consist of three 44-minute specials. It premiered on October 15, 2022. The final special premiered on April 8, 2023.

What is season 3 of The Owl House called? ›

The Owl House season three is doing things a little differently. Rather than a full season run (which is typically 20 episodes), the series will instead be wrapping up across three 44-minute specials. The first of these, titled 'Thanks to Them', launched on Disney Channel on October 15, 2022.

Will Owl House have a season 4? ›

American animated fantasy television show The Owl House. The announcement of The Owl House Season 4 has fans anxious. On January 10, 2020, Disney Channel broadcast the series' debut, which was created by Dana Terrace. Sarah Nicole Robles, Wendie Malick, and Alex Hirsch are the show's leading voices.

Does Luz have ADHD? ›

The Owl House could have taken the easy route and abandoned its neurodivergent coding as the fantasy world was introduced, transforming Luz from a character who clearly exhibits symptoms of ADHD and morphing her into an untouchable heroine.

What did Kings dad say to Luz? ›

When Luz asked King's Dad if there was anything she could say to his son on his behalf, King's Dad whispered to her to tell King 'I loaf you', showing he and King share a similar sense of humor.

What happened to Luz in season 3 episode 3? ›

In The Owl House Season 3 Episode 3, The Collector captures Luz, her mom, and her friends. Luz, Eda, and King all have terrible dreams at the hands of the Collector. Eventually, Luz realizes that the friends who are throwing insults at her are being controlled by The Collector.

How did Luz get a scar? ›

During her fight against Emperor Belos in "King's Tide", Luz suffers an injury that results in a scar through her left eyebrow.

Is Luz Noceda non binary? ›

Luz is confirmed to be bisexual by Terrace, some calling her the "first bisexual lead character" on a Disney Channel show. In April 2021, the show's creator also revealed that Luz Noceda is neurodivergent.
Luz Noceda
Voiced bySarah-Nicole Robles
In-universe information
10 more rows

Is Luz's dad black? ›

Manny was a man of Latino descent with dark brown hair and beard, brown eyes, and olive skin.

Is Luz's mom a vet? ›

Character information

Camila Noceda is a supporting character in The Owl House. She is a veterinarian, who is the widow of Manny Noceda and the mother of Luz Noceda.

Did Luz's egg hatch? ›

But then, right near the end of the newest episode, "For The Future," Luz's palisman hatched from its egg and the world was introduced to Stringbean.

What is Luz's girlfriend name? ›

The Owl House's Luz Noceda And Amity Blight Are Girlfriends Now And I'm So Happy. The Owl House made animated history once again this week, and it's so adorable.

Can a 10 year old watch The Owl House? ›

Great for more mature kids.

I'd say this show is suitable for ages 12+. There's characters drinking alcohol, going into pubs, etc.

Who are EDA's kids? ›

  • Amity.
  • Willow.
  • Gus.
  • Hooty.
  • Owlbert.
  • Lilith.

Why did Disney AXE Owl House? ›

Why Was The Owl House Canceled by Disney? The Owl House was praised for its innovation and unique storytelling, but it was apparently a little too unique for some Disney executives. When The Owl House debuted on Disney in January 2020, the animated series received nearly unanimous praise.

Is Luz a top or bottom? ›

In the Kabbalah tradition, the Zohar states that the luz is the bone in the spine that appears like the head of a snake, implying that is the sacrum at the bottom of the spine, because the sacrum is the only bone in the spine that looks like the head of a snake.

Is Luz a tomboy? ›

Luz is Chelo's little sister. A tough, smart, and sassy-ass tomboy, she's not afraid to speak her mind. She's not happy with her big brother's behavior and is quick to tell him so. But when his problems become his powers, she's not sure it's such a good thing.

Does Luz turn evil? ›

Luz is the villain AU version of Luz Noceda, She became a "villain" after falling to save Eda and King, where later on, she is banished from the Boiling Isles by Warden Wrath.

What kind of demon is Hooty? ›

As a bug demon, owing to his extensive brown "neck", Hooty can stretch and move around in worm-like fashion, and extend his mouth to allow visitors entry to the house or swallow items for storage. His overall appearance is similar to a barn owl, as in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", his legs can be seen underneath the house.

Who is older Lilith or Eda Owl House? ›

Lilith is Eda's older sister and the disgraced former leader and lead historical scholar of the Emperor's Coven.

Is King a baby Titan? ›

King is a baby titan found on an unknown island in the Boiling Sea. According to Lilith, the castle he was found in is ancient.

Why was TOH season 3 cut short? ›

In May 2021, ahead of the second-season premiere, the series was renewed for a third season consisting of three specials, later announced to be the final season of the series, with Terrace later stating that this was because the series "did not fit the Disney brand".

Will Netflix pick up Owl House? ›

Unfortunately, The Owl House is not an option for Netflix subscribers. But it would be wise to remember that the streaming powerhouse has a plethora of cartoons in its library, and there are many choices for subscribers to enjoy.

Will there be an Owl House movie? ›

Although Season 3 was the last, The Owl House movie will be coming to your screens later this year. So before the film comes out, we've collated some of the best episodes of the Disney animation for you to watch live or watch on demand through DIRECTV.

How did Owl House end? ›

Dana Terrace's beloved Disney series The Owl House ended in April, flying off into the sunset with Luz, Eda, and King coming together to save the day. The show has become a beacon for LGBTQIA+ creators making a show that centers around queer and neurodivergence stories.

Where can I watch The Owl House 2023? ›

Right now you can watch The Owl House on Disney+ or fuboTV. You are able to stream The Owl House by renting or purchasing on Google Play.

Where can I watch Owl season 3? ›

Currently you are able to watch "The Owl House - Season 3" streaming on Disney Plus, fuboTV, DIRECTV, DisneyNOW or buy it as download on Apple TV, Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies.

Can owl house be saved? ›

There is hope for the future of Owl House, though, in the form of new content akin to the original saga. Fans just have to keep showing their support for the series as it arrives on Disney+, Terrace says. “However — spinoffs, shorts, comics, all that stuff can still happen.

Is The Owl House an anime? ›

The Owl House is an American animated fantasy series, created by Dana Terrace.

Is The Owl House getting a season 4 and 5? ›

Season Chronology

The fourth and final season of The Owl House has been announced on June 13, 2022 and premiered on December 2, 2023 and ended with its series finale on January 27, 2024.

Where is Owl House season 3 out on? ›

Streaming, rent, or buy The Owl House – Season 3:

Currently you are able to watch "The Owl House - Season 3" streaming on Disney Plus, fuboTV, DIRECTV, DisneyNOW or buy it as download on Apple TV, Google Play Movies.

What days are Owl House season 3 coming out? ›

The Owl House's third season has already begun airing. The Owl House season 3 episode 1 premiered on October 15th, 2022, followed by the second episode on January 21st, 2023. “Watching and Dreaming” will be the final episode of the season and the series, and it is set to air on April 8th, 2023.

Will Hunter be in season 3 of The Owl House? ›

The Owl House Season 3 has Hunter blushing at Willow

In the intro – which has been converted into a clever montage – months pass by in just a few short seconds. In one of these scenes, Hunter is found by Willow when trying to trim his hair.

Is The Owl House Season 3 coming out in 2023? ›

The third and final season of The Owl House was greenlit on May 17, 2021, ahead of the second season premiere. According to Dana Terrace, this season would serve as the final season, and will consist of three 44-minute specials. It premiered on October 15, 2022. The final special premiered on April 8, 2023.

Why is The Owl House not getting a full season 3? ›

In October 2021, The Owl House creator Dana Terrace posted a scathing statement on Reddit, claiming that the show was canceled not due to poor ratings or problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, but because a few people in the upper echelons at Disney didn't feel it matched the brand.

Why is Owl House season 3 short? ›

Terrace went on to note that while they did have to "tighten their belts" with regard to their budget in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney "just wanted to be done with TOH and this was the perfect chance to do that." They added, "Even getting the consolation s3 episodes was difficult, apparently.

Will Luz get a palisman in season 3? ›

'The Owl House': Luz Finally Got Her Palisman and It's Perfect for Her. Luz Noceda got her own palisman and it fits her character to a tee. The Owl House returned on January 21, with the second special episode of Season 3, "For The Future," and, needless to say, there was a lot that happened .

Does Hunter have a crush on Willow? ›

Does Hunter have a Crush on Willow? Yes, every time he sees Willow, or she hugs him, or touches him, he blushes.

How old is Amity's brother? ›

We have confirmation on Emira and Edric's ages: 16! Assuming Amity is the same age as 14-year-old Luz, that's a two-year gap between the siblings! Also we have confirmation (not that there was any doubt) that Hexside teaches kids of basically all ages!

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