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Katy O'Hara is a food media writer and editor. Her work has appeared online for America's Test Kitchen, Serious Eats, and Allrecipes, and in print for America's Test Kitchen Kids.

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Get the information you need from this collection of Thanksgiving videos. Three Tips for Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. How to Make Pecan Pie in Advance. How to Temp and Rest Your Turkey. How to Carve a Turkey. How to Keep Mashed Potatoes Warm. How to Save Leftover Mashed Potatoes. How to Make a Pie in a Cast-Iron Skillet.

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Tossing the slices with butter and roasting them at a relatively high heat means there is plenty of flavorful browning. A sprinkle of goat cheese lends a touch of creaminess and toasted pecans add crunch. The final drizzle of cayenne-spiked maple syrup brings everything together." -Keith Dresser, Executive Food Editor.

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Be Thanksgiving-ready with the help of the Test Kitchen experts. Need turkey shopping tips? Looking for make-ahead recipes? Find everything you need in this collection of our best Thanksgiving recipes, tips, and videos.

America's Test Kitchen Thanksgiving Playbook LA County Library

Premieres Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023 at 2 p.m. on KPBS TV / Stream now with KPBS Passport! Test cook Erin McMurrer makes host Bridget Lancaster Roast Whole Turkey Breast with Gravy. Gadget critic.

The Best American Test Kitchen Thanksgiving Turkey Best Diet and

The most important ingredient: you! We take unconventional approaches to two traditional Thanksgiving staples: super-moist and tender Braised Turkey with Gravy and our crowd-pleasing Bread Stuffing with Sausage, Dried Cherries, and Pecans, which is cooked outside of the bird—but doesn't taste like it.

The Best American Test Kitchen Thanksgiving Turkey Best Diet and

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving. Our roast turkey technique guarantees moist, flavorful meat and bronzed skin—a true holiday table centerpiece. Finish the meal with a slice of our perfect pumpkin pie. Like this video?

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Thanksgiving for a Crowd. In this episode, hosts Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster reveal the secrets to the ultimate Turkey and Gravy for a Crowd. Equipment expert Adam Ried shares his pick for stock pots, and science expert Dan Souza explains the difference between stale bread and dried bread.

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The best way to thicken gravy at the last minute is to make a quick roux in the microwave. Here's how to make ¼ cup of "emergency" roux: Mix 2 tablespoons flour with 2 tablespoons oil. Microwave for 1½ minutes. Stir, then microwave for another 1½ minutes, stirring halfway through. The roux should be the color of a dark caramel.

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Instructions: Bring water, sugar, orange zest, and salt to boil in medium nonreactive saucepan over high heat, stirring occasionally to dissolve sugar. Stir in cranberries; return to boil. Reduce.

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Test cook Dan Souza and host Julia Collin Davison unlock the secrets to perfect Oatmeal Dinner Rolls. Aired: 01/07/23. Rating: TV-G.

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Test cook Dan Souza shows host Julia Collin Davison how to make the ultimate Roast Turkey. Get the recipe for Roast Turkey: our wi.

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Every recipe in this collection was developed and refined by our team of 50 test cooks until they arrived at the best version. Stuffed Spatchcock Turkey. Butterflied Turkey with Cranberry-Molasses Glaze. Cider-Braised Turkey. Do It Ahead. Make-Ahead Roast Turkey and Gravy. Roast Turkey and Gravy with Thyme and Fennel. Minimal Clean-Up.

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A one-stop shop for the perfect Thanksgiving, with over 25 classic recipes from America's Test Kitchen Choosing 25 recipes from the hundreds of Thanksgiving recipes we've developed over the years was a difficult task, so we concentrated on the classic recipes that home cooks say are their "go-to" favorites—the recipes that their families and friends look forward to seeing on the holiday.

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Bridget and Suzannah also recommended our Roasted Butternut Squash as an alternative vegetable side dish. Bridget and Suzannah also covered the basics of spiralizing iconic Thanksgiving vegetables. Butternut squash and sweet potatoes spiral well, as do beets, celery root, parsnips, and rutabaga. Also during the segment, Bridget and Suzannah.

The Best American Test Kitchen Thanksgiving Turkey Best Diet and

Outsmarting Thanksgiving. Test cook Dan Souza shows host Julia Collin Davison how to make the ultimate Roast Turkey. Next, gadget expert Lisa McManus uncovers the best oven thermometers. Finally, test cook Becky Hays uncovers the secrets to Foolproof Boiled Corn. Like this video?